Many Thanks to All Who Donated Resurrection Sunday Flowers for 2021

Chancel Bouquets are donated in Loving Memory of

Mary Rzonca and Leonida Radosavljevic, from Pat and George Radosavljevic 

Resurrection Sunday Lilies Donated In Celebration of Easter 

From Neena Ishu

From Richard and Doris Nadder

From Sheryl Quinlan

From Marlem Ramirez

Resurrection Sunday Lilies  Donated In Honor of

Friends and Relatives, from Irene E. Ellyin & Peter Ellyin

Lillian Shlemon, from Lilyann & Pam

Bridge Pastor Bill Ingersoll, from the Staff at C-W UPC

Resurrection Sunday Lilies  Donated In Loving Memory of

Nelson & Esther Aziz, from Paul & Mariam Acker

Mabel Badal, from Irene & Richard Modert

Mary & Baba Badal, our beloved Grandparents, from Najeba Badal

Julia Esmael, from Rodney & Jackie Esmael

Mr. & Mrs. Karl Felbinger, from Elizabeth Brown & Gene Thiele

Edward & Marjorie Joseph, from Kay Holt & Family

Leona Justice, from Rodney & Jackie Esmael

Wally & Martha Merza, from the Sidan Family

Walter & Martha Merza, from Kay Holt & Family

Mrs. Almas Mirza, from John M. Yonan

Mary Mirza, from Sam Mirza

Mary Mirza, from Irene & Richard Modert

Ray Shlemon, from Lilyann & Pam

Zenaida A. Sidan, from the Sidan Family

Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Smith, from Elizabeth Brown & Gene Thiele

Roger Tyre, from Charlotte Tyre

Mrs. Jane Yonan, from John M. Yonan